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Maternity Testing

Rapid Exams DDC paternity testing offers rapid, affordable DNA Maternity testing providing peace of mind, legally binding, confidential, and conclusive results. Using saliva samples in DNA to identify the biological mother of a child fulfills all the legal requirements needed to resolve disputes in adoptions, probate and immigration cases.

Maternity testing would be used to:

  • confirm the birth mother of a child separated through an earlier adoption.
  • confirm the biological relationship for an immigration case.
  • confirm the biological relationship for children conceived by in vitro fertilization.
  • confirm the biological relationship in disputes over a will.
  • confirm the biological relationship in suspected cases of hospital baby mix-ups.

DNA Solutions is one of few laboratories accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks for Relationship testing. Strict quality assurance requirements have been met to assure your results are accurate and confidential. Your results will be ready in 5 working days or less from the time your samples are received in the laboratory.

For more information about Paternity DNA Testing Service or to make an appointment call (515) 218-1777