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Rapid Exams 5-10 panel drug test was compared to 60 drug screens and came out on top
Last Updated: 12/11/2017
Rapid Exams multi drug test dip cards , we have 2-14 panel urine dip test cards and flat panel two-sided drug scan cups made in USA. Would you be interested in buying Rapid Exams labeled products for professional diagnostic use or resale? We can get you a great price. Rapid Exams 5 and 12 panel drug scan cup is simple and very easy to use. All Rapid Exams labeled drug testing products produce fast complete and accurate drug screen urinalysis results in only 1 minute for a negative and just 5 minutes for a positive. REI products were compared to 60 other drug screens and came out on top. PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Accuracy The accuracy of the Rapid Exams Dip card was evaluated in comparison to commercially available drug screen tests. Sixty (60) negative urine samples collected from presumed non-user volunteers were tested by both Rapid Exams Dip card and commercially available drug screen tests. Of these negative urine samples tested, all were found negatives by both methods. In a separate study, positive urine samples, obtained from clinical laboratories where the drug concentrations were determined by GC/MS (TCA concentrations were determined by HPLC), were tested by Rapid Exams Dip card and commercial drug screen tests.The results of accuracy study are presented within the product insert below:

dip test comparison information product insert drug test cup comparison information product insert

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