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Why the T-Cup drug screen vs the Eco I/II/III drug test cups?
Last Updated: 09/19/2017
The benefits of using the Vacu Lid with T-Cup drug test cups are immense - save on shipping cost, supplies & storage space. Leak free, hygienic & efficient.

  • Saves on Transfer Time, Shipping & Storage Space and Overall Laboratory Costs
  • Test Specimen Directly From the Tube When Applicable
  • Eliminates Common Problem of Cup Leakage During Shipment
  • Fast, Easy & Sanitary Method of Collecting and Transferring Urine Specimens
  • Saves on Shipping Costs vs. Traditional Specimen Shipping Methods
  • Reduces Need for Direct Contact With Urine Specimens
  • Accessioning Through a Closed System Eliminates the Need to Pour Off and Provides the Laboratory With a Clean Sample

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