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Drug-Free Workplace Testing Policy Blog
Last Updated: 12/08/2017
Let’s start out with a couple of common questions about drug testing:
  • Does drug testing require certification? — It depends on what type of drug testing you are doing. For example, pre-employment and even random drug test do not have to be conducted by a certified technician. We suggest you have a well trained staff member from human resources, etc... be trained with basic knowledge to be a drug testing coordinator.
  • What are the laws on drug testing for my state? — only a handful of states have implemented drug-free workplace programs for state contractors, 20 states regulate drug testing procedures to ensure that employees' rights are not violated. Some states like Alaska, Mississippi and Utah have taken this a step further by providing legal protection to employers who establish drug and alcohol testing programs. Overview of state drug testing laws For more information click here
  • How do I set-up a Drug-Free workplace program? — An effective DFWP program consists of five components that, together, provide a full, comprehensive management and training program designed specifically to meet the needs of your company. click here for additional DFWP info.

On the job drug and alcohol abuse problems are common but easy to fix:

  • Consider your company goals— Are you having any concerns about drugs of abuse within your company? If the answer is yes or maybe, then you should consider the implementation of a drug-free workplace program.
  • Should my company drug and/or alcohol test? — Drug and alcohol abuses continue rising across the nation. Seventy-one percent of all drug users over the age of 18-more than 10 million workers-are employed full or part time, according to the Department of Labor.
  • Tough economic times, you think you can't afford to drug alcohol test —Drug and alcohol testing can be relatively inexpensive and very affordable, by simply doing it yourself, rather than outsourcing. Remember no certification is necessary at all for non-DOT drug and alcohol screening. Only DOT (department of transportation) drug screens and Post-Accident (federal) workers, such as forklift drivers, truck drivers, dump truck and/or heavy equipment operators, transit drivers, etc... actually require certification by certified person. Additionally, breath alcohol testing of a DOT employee/worker requires a certified breath alcohol technician. For more information on the different types of drug testing click here
  • What are the advantages of drug and alcohol testing in house onsite? — On-site drug testing is less expensive. You simply buy drug test from a low cost drug and alcohol testing supplier such as any Rapid-Exams, Inc. online store.
  • Reduce employee downtime by drug testing onsite yourself — In a random drug test situation, it is very costly to send an employee elsewhere to get a random drug test done. Simply call one of our experts to get training information and material instructional data procedures, etc. We'll even throw in a sample in many cases with an prospective buyer.
  • Increase overall safety and awareness by drug and alcohol testing. — Safety should be first and is very important in any workplace environment for all employees within any company, business, factory or otherwise establishment. When an accident on the job happens it can be related to drug use and/or prescription drug overdose and/or misuse.
  • Save on insurance claims by decreasing company liability — If you allow employees to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, it can really increase company liabilities associated with liability exposures, potential law suits, etc...See if you qualify lower insurance premiums if you have a drug-free workplace program policy in place.
  • ZERO TOLERANCE is the best policy for HERO intelligence — Update your company policy by implementing a DFWP drug free workplace program today. Start with an inexpensive box of 24 Alco-screens .02 or a low cost rapid drug test.
Remember workplace environmental safety is best! Contact an REI expert staff member toll-free @ (877)-747-TEST
Implementing a DFWP is just the right thing to add to your company policy. More info click here
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