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How can onsite drug testing Benefit You or Your Company?
Last Updated: 12/11/2017
Onsite Drug testing is fast, more affordable and very convenient thanks to the availability of on-site rapid drug test kits from Rapid-Exams, Inc. Why wait for 24-72 hours (1-3 week days) for results all while paying highly costly fees with the use of medical clinics.

This generation of instant onsite rapid drug testing kits is fast, easy to use and less expensive than traditional methods of drug testing sending a donor or employee to a clinic (all while waiting for laboratory results 24-48 hours.

Are you a manager, human resource or safety director of a company or perhaps you're a small business owner considering a drug testing solution, on-site rapid drug test kits could be just the solution you are looking for.
  • Fast. Rapid Response Results available in only five to ten minutes rather than waiting hours or even days for laboratory results.
  • Dependable On-site rapid drug test kits produce instantaneous reads in just 1-2 minutes for negatives & 3-5 minutes for positives.
  • Accurate On site drug test rapids carry a 99% accuracy rating and all urine drug test are FDA 510k Cleared.
  • Affordable compared to the high cost of using a clinic or medical office you pay $5-10 per test rather than $55 plus
  • Drug Free your Workplace when you commit to drug testing (57% of companies test all job candidates) see study by DATIA
  • Easy to Use. No equipment nor any special training or knowledge is required to use our instant on-site rapid drug test kits.
  • Easy Interpretation with use of our product inserts and procedures included with every box of 25 or more drug test kits.
  • Tested & Trusted with you the customer in mind our design is simple. Used by law enforcement, large companies, small businesses, staffing agencies, occupational medicine, industrial medicine, doctors, hospitals and various other types industry wide.

Most employers who use drug tests on job candidates have done so for seven years or more (69 percent), and 12 percent have used them for five to six years. Consider Rapid Exams when looking for a qualitative drug testing product made right here in the United States. We offer 5-10 panel multi drug test dip cards (available in 2-14 panel configurations min. 250 units) we all carry NxScan technology by Drugcheck in 4-14 panel drug screen cups in either Drugcheck or Rapid Exams label with or without urine adulterant strips.

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