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Paternity and Family Relationship Testing

DNA testing has revolutionized the paternity and family relationship testing industry with a higher power of discrimination among individuals, non-invasive sample collection options, and faster turnaround time.

The Science behind DNA Testing

Paternity testing and other DNA tests rely heavily on DNA's structure and function. Since DNA's structure was discovered in 1953, numerous techniques have been developed to use this knowledge to learn more about how living things function and solve human problems.

Ready for a DNA test?

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Myths about DNA Testing

  1. "Paternity testing takes too long. I need results now." If a lab can dedicate a team to your case, the testing can be done as fast as one day. It is more expensive if the results need to be performed in a swift manner. A few labs can offer results in an average of five days in most cases—DNA Diagnostics Center can complete it in 3 days. In general. you will receive prompt service and results if you are using a private laboratory. If you are planning on going through a government child support agency, it could take months for the processing and paperwork to go through, even though the actual testing may only take a week or two.
  2. "My ex-boyfriend is gone. Without him, we will never know who the father of my child is!" In some situations the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to partake in a paternity test. In these situations, a grand-parentage test can be performed. This test uses the paternal grandparents' DNA to determine if the child is biologically related to the grandparents. This test determines if the child is a descendant of the grandparents, so if they had more than one son, all sons would be included as a potential father of the child.
  3. "If I get a test, people will find out about it." Each case is unique and should be handled with the utmost confidentiality. The procedures should be private and discreet. At a private laboratory like DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center), your results are confidential. However, if you go through a child support agency, your results will be public record. Also, if the case goes to court, a judge may need to see the results.With a privately conducted test, once you receive the results, you decide what to do with them.
  4. "A $79 test is the right choice for me." A $79 paternity test can be more expensive to the consumer in the long run. These tests do not hold up in court. They are generally not reliable because the testing could be done outside industry protocols and/or performed by inexperienced staff, which could lead to results that are interpreted incorrectly leading to false results. If you are inquiring about a paternity test for any legal matter, further testing would have to be done, which would require more fees. Wouldn't it be better to pay only once for something so important?
  5. "It doesn't matter where a paternity test is performed because all labs are equal." All labs are not equal. You should check the accreditation of any laboratory you are considering. You can also check to see if the lab you are considering has perfect accreditation and certificate scores. It is also a good idea to find out if the DNA samples will be tested twice to ensure accuracy and to rule out false results. Not all laboratories fulfill these requirements.
  6. "Paternity testing is expensive." Only a few years ago, paternity tests cost over $1,000. Due to more advanced technology, a test can now be performed for between $400 and $500. Quality should never be sacrificed for price, especially in situations as sensitive as paternity testing. Make sure that the laboratory will test the results twice to ensure accuracy. Efficient and accurate paternity testing should be as affordable as possible.