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Follow these instructions for the best results with this innovative screening device, which includes market-leading drug cutoffs and the first ever sponge saturation indicator. IMPORTANT: Donors should not place anything (including food, drink, gum or tobacco products) in their mouth for at least 10 minutes prior to the procedure. DO NOT BITE, SUCH OR CHEW ON THE SPONGE! Refrain from talking while collection swab is in the mouth.

Step 1: The purpose of step 1 is to saturate the sponge with saliva. With the collection swab (B), have the donor sweep the inside of mouth (cheeks, tongue, gums) several times, then hold swab in closed mouth until the color on the saturation indicator strip appears in the indicator window. Donor must leave swab in mouth until instructed to remove it. Donor may remove swab from mouth when color appears in the indicator window.

NOTE: If at 7 minutes, color on saturation indicator has not appeared in window, proceed with test. (Step 2)

Step 2: Remove collection swab from mouth and insert sponge - first into the screening device (A), pushing until the locking flange locks in place in the bottom of the device. Once locked in place, the device is airtight, tamper evident, and ready to dispose of after use or send to lab for confirmation (on non-negative results). Ensure that specimen is contacting all test strips. If not, rotate the device side to side/front to back to disperse the specimen within the chamber.
uscreen oral step 2
uscreen oral steps 2-3With specimen dispersed, set device upright on flat surface. Keep upright while test runs
3: Read negative results as soon as two lines appear on any test strip, often within 2 minutes. Any indication of a line in the test (T) area should be considered a line, and therefore a negative result. Read non-negative results at 10 minutes.

NOTE: The THC (marijuana) strip has improved sensitivity, which may show a less intensive color band in the Test (T) area. This is an expected and normal response.
Interpreting the Results

A negative result is indicated by the presence of both a C control line or and a T test line for each designated drug.

The presence of a C control line and a very light T test line indicates a negative result. Any indication of a Ttest line is interpreted as a negative result.

A positive result is indicated by the presence of a C control line and the absence of a "T" test line. Wait 5 minutes to read positive results.
An invalid result is indicated when the "C" line is completely missing from one or more test windows. If this happens, run another test.

If the device includes alcohol, read the alcohol strip at 2 minutes. Compare the color of the reaction pad with the color chart provided to determine the relative blood alcohol level. No color change indicates a negative result.
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Uscreen patented collection device for human saliva samples in the Uscreen is a self-contained, ready to use, point of contact drug testing device that detects 5-10 drugs using the preferred lateral flow immunoassay technology for this method of test screening. The test requires no special training to complete and qualitative yes/no results are visibly obtained within ten (9) minutes and results.