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Saliva Confirm 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test

Saliva Confirm 6 panel saliva drug test fluids
12-18 month shelf life

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Saliva Confirm 6 panel confirms saliva in a Oral Fluid Drug Screening Detection Swab Stick. Oral Test Kits are not intended for 'at home use' $159.97 per box of 25 product code # SVC-6 (THC/COC/AMP/MET/OPI/BZD)
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The Saliva Confirm™ 6 screen forensic drug testing system detects the five most commonly abused illicit and prescription drugs using a saliva sample. Because urine collection is not necessary, there are certain advantages using the Saliva Confirm™ 6 panel system for on-site drug screening. Sample collection is less hazardous, less embarrassing for the parties, and because there is no need for privacy during sample collection, less prone to corruption by sample substitution or adulteration. Because the test subject is present for the entire sample collection and testing process, the possibility of sample adulteration and/or substitution is eliminated.

* Easy and convenient to use
* Sold 25 per case
* SVC-6 5-in-1 multi screen (AMP/MET/COC/BZD/OPI/THC)
* Simple-to-Use 2 piece packaged device
* Observed Collections, very hard to adulterate
* Read results at 5 minutes, not valid after 10 minutes


IMPORTANT: Test devices must be at room temperature (15-30°C) before testing. These are basic procedure descriptions, please refer to the detailed product insert when performing the actual test.

1. Bring the sealed pouch to room temperature before opening. Remove the test device from the pouch and use it as soon as possible. Check the expiration date on the product pouch. Remove the test cap exposing the collection pad wick.
2. Insert the collection pad end of the device into the subject’s mouth. Keep the opposite end of the device angled downward to ensure good flow (also refer to the procedure card).
3. Instruct the subject to move the collection pad from top to bottom of the tongue and back again filling the collection pad with saliva. Keep the pad in the subject’s mouth for about 1-3 minutes until the collection pad is completely saturated with saliva.
4. When migration of saliva or any pink/burgundy color appears in the result window,remove the device from the subject’s mouth and replace the cap onto the collection pad end of the device. Lay the device on a flat surface Total time from the start of the test to the appearance of the C line depends on the saliva production and the viscosity of the saliva of the individual. Start timing once the C line is visible in the test window. Read results 5-7 minutes after the C line appears.


Wait 5-7 minutes after the control line (C) appears for test results to fully develop. Test results are read by observing and scoring whether red/pink lines develop on the test result panel as present or absent. Complete absence of a test line indicates a positive test. Development of a test line, no matter how faint, indicates a negative result for the labeled drug or drug metabolite. No correlation or assumptions should be drawn on the color or intensity of test lines. Intensity and color will vary line to line in the test panel and this result is both usual and expected. Examples of test results

-we recommend a certified LC/MS/MS Lab confirmatory test, for a 99.9% accuracy rate.
salivaconfirm oral drug test video procedure
  • Saliva Confirm Benefits:
    • Eliminate sample adulteration and substitution
    • No urine collection nor handling bio hazards or special disposals
    • No Certification nor special skill training necessary
    • No sample collection facilities needed, observers, special equipment, etc...
    • Eliminates possible manipulation of sample adulteration or contamination

  • Saliva Confirm NEGATIVE test result is indicated by the development and presence of a red/pink line adjacent to the labeled target drug. If there is a visible line, no matter how faint it maybe, the test should be considered negative result for the target drug. An extremely faint line could mean that the target drug is near the sensitivity cut-off level for the test however the result is still negative. In such circumstances the test could be repeated at another time or a more quantitative method of laboratory testing be employed.

    Saliva Confirm POSITIVE test result is indicated by the complete absence of a red/pink line at the position indicated for the drug in the test panel. More than one line may be absent indicating a multiple positive drug screen.

    Saliva Confirm INVALID test result is indicated by the absence of a red/pink line at the (C) or control position. Complete absence of any lines on the test panel usually indicates an insufficient sample was added to the sample well and the test must redone using another test device. Test cassettes are single use only and cannot be reused.

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