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Performs very well and they always have a great deal on this product.

- Anonymous Person from Jacksonville, FL

Great product & Service!

Rapid Exams offers quality products, fast service and great prices! I would recommend them for all your drug testing needs!

- Tamara Mullen from North Platte, NE United States

Most reliable dip card

I have to say this is one of the most reliable, consistent dip cards I have ever used. Ive tried cheaper cards from a popular Online shopping site, but never again.! These cards give me confidence is offering rapid drug testing for our clients. And excellent customer service to boot.

- Dr Angela McPherson from Cleveland, TN United States

Allows me to scare off dopers for my business

This cup chases away more than half the people who apply for my company. Kinda scary that most people here in dirty jersey refuse likely due to drug use. It also allows me to test someone if they cause a serious accident. Nice and easy test kit. 5 mins and your hired or fired.

- Anonymous Person from NJ United States