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Rapid Exams 14 Panel Cup
  • On-site drug testing
  • Laboratory accurate
  • Detects 14 drugs of abuse
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Shelf life 18-24 months
14 panel multi line drug test cup. New Drugcheck™ NxStep and Rapid Exams™ NxScan 14 panel drug test cup. Multi line drug test featuring rapid drug screen results. FDA cleared, 99% accurate, negative drug test results in 1 min. positive drug test results in 5 minutes. Works great when you need to drug screen for (14) drugs of abuse.
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MD 13 panel urine test cup
MD 13 Panel Drug Screen Cup

Medical Disposables is a Clia Waived Drug screen cup for On-site drug screen testing. MDC-1135AD3 is FDA approved 510k and Samhsa certified for IVD in vitro diagnostic use. MDC-1135AD3 is a donor activated drug test cup screening for five drugs of abuse (AMP-COC-THC-OPI300-MAMP-BZO-BAR-MTD-TCA-PCP-OXY-BUP-MDMA + 3 Urine Adulterants), very easy to use and only $6.97ea. less online discounts or free shipping.

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Tox cup drug test screen 14 panel clia waived
Tox Cup Clia Waived 14 Panel Drug Test
Tox Cup Clia Waived 14 drug test testing for 14 drugs of abuse. Detects Oxycontin AND buprenorphine (CLIA-WAIVED) BZO/BAR/COC/THC/MET/OPI, MTD/TCA/OXY/MDMA/PCP/AMP/BUP/PPX The Tox cup 14 is a one step drug test cup Place the cup on its side to activate test. A 14 panel drug test cup works best when you need to detect all fourteen drugs of abuse listed above. Perfect drug test cup for all Medical Clinics, Doctors, Hospitals or any Clia Moderate medical billing facility. Box of 25. *Clia Waived and only $8.97ea.

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14 panel multi line drug test kits urine drug screen Rapid Exams & Drugcheck 1-5 minute urine drug screen results Samhsa Certified & FDA cleared 510k. 14 panel rapid drug screen test cup. 14 panel multi line drug test kits. Introducing Drugcheck NxStep as our very first 14 panel drug test cup by Express Diagnostics Inc.  Product code # 61402-3 NxStep 14 panel AMP BAR BUP BZO COC MET MDMA MTD OPI300 OPI OXY PCP TCA THC & pH SG OX. Our newest Rapid Exams Cup testing for pretty much the same as above REI-1124-014 NxScan urine drug screen cup.